Friday, June 02, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #52

The newly engaged Clare is celebrating an full year of weekend cat blogging! She's been bringing together all of us cat lover's each week and delighted us with very entertaining photos of her very own Kiri. He is an acrobat, a box chewer and he does the same weird upside-down-kitty thing that Stella does.

So, this week's celebration is supposed to bring all of our kitties out to party and show their favorite toys. I have decided to show you what Stella did the other day....her favorite toy is now a squirrel that torments her in the back yard. Similar to the way that this brushtail possum torments Kiri. This photo was captured as she was chasing the squirrel up the tree. Her first hunt, her first tree climb and the best photo op ever!

Those of you that would like to join in the kitty blogging fun, visit Clare at Eatstuff and provide your permalink to her in the WCB comments. If you'd rather post your doggie pics, head on over to Sweetnicks and do that too!

Did you know I love kebabs?

Oh yes, I can eat kebabs every single day and not get sick of them. Veggie kebabs are my absolute favorite, but you have to throw some meat on the grill too.

I soak the skewers in water for a few minutes so they don't burn up on the grill before the food has a chance to cook on them. After alternating zucchini, onion, mushrooms and red peppers, I rub them with olive oil and shake some veggie seasoning on them. I found this spice mix that is heavy on the lemon pepper and it makes the kebabs taste really bright.

I marinated the chicken in my very own marinade for a couple of hours. The citrus in the marinade tenderizes the meat and makes it super succulent and tasty-fied. I used chicken breasts for this, but dark meat would be okay too.

I put them on a hot-ish-but-not-too-hot-grill and let the fire to it's magic. Yum.