Sunday, May 27, 2007

Carter's Eats

The past two months, for the most part, I've stayed in compliance with the South Beach diet recommendations. As I've mentioned before, the plan is easy and makes mealtime much less stressful because it's all mapped out for me.

There are some days when I must have something a real pizza or some cereal. I've fallen off the wagon a little bit lately because my school, work, and training schedule didn't allow me to do much shopping or planning with my food. I eat on the go and whenever I have time. That usually means something hand-held and quick - tasty morsels wrapped in bread. The almighty sandwich is what I'm talking about.

Here's some food that we've been consuming over the past several weeks.

Breakfast in Bed - egg whites with cheese, turkey bacon, and "white" wheat English muffin

Spinach and ricotta stuffed salmon, mashed cauliflower, and salad

Sirloin steak with peppers and onions

Sour cream waffles - not SB approved!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Semester, please end already!

Work, school, and training have kept me so f-ing busy these past two months that I have no life. I don't like not having a life. I like being able to slack-off a little bit and just live. I like to drink a beer without feeling it's damaging effects on my motivation. I like staying up late and not worrying about being up at stupid o'clock to make it to school on time. I am so ready for this semester to be over. I have one more final and one last presentation to make for my research report in the other class. THEN I will have a life. Until then, my fellow bloggers, I will continue to be MIA. I know, one day, I will be able to read your blogs and chuckle at your clever remarks. Not yet...not yet.