Saturday, October 28, 2006

Las Vegas....seriously overrated

I was in Vegas two weeks ago for a conference for work. I've been there three times before and each time have only had a "meh" kind of feeling about it. The only time I truly enjoyed myself was when I won $250 on a quarter slot machine. I'm not a gambler by nature though, I just don't see the point of just handing your hard earned money over to a complete stranger that is statistically going to win more often than not. This mean you lose. Your money=gone.

What was different? Me. The non-smoking me. Yeah, I used to smoke in my pre-athlete life. I smoked and drank and did lots of other things that killed many brain cells. I'm actually quite surprised to be alive after all of the damage I've done to my body when I was younger. Along with all of the really STUPID choices I made while under the influence of things.

I absolutely hated it this trip. I couldn't wait for the hours to roll by so I could be back home in San Jose where people that run on the sidewalks and up stairs are considered normal. Yeah, that's right. I ran up and down the strip while I was there and every pot-bellied midwestern hick family that I passed looked at me like I was from the outer you will. Like, "what is she doing? what is that thing she's doing with her legs? I've never seen that before, she must be crazy, somebody lock 'er up." I even stopped in front of the Bellagio where they have the water show and did traveling lunges, jump squats and wall kicks! Okay, maybe that was a *bit* mental, but fat doesn't care that you're out of town.

But I digress....Life is hard for non-smokers in Vegas. It's one damn second-hand smoke/cancer nightmare after another. Even though you ask for a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor, it really doesn't matter. Because some f*(&ing inconsiderate bastard is going to light up whether or not you like it. I came back to my room after a night out with my coworkers and there was someone's room service cart outside of their room with two ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts. I couldn't believe it. I mean, what a DICKHEAD.

I was there at the beginning of the week, so there were no good house music parties to go to at the clubs. The music that my coworkers are into is completely different than what I like...I mean...they were doing the f*&*%ing electric slide at the bar for feck's sake!! These were middle-aged family folks that obviously never get the chance to go out and have any kind of fun at all, so once they were in sin city, they let it all go. And they really shoulnd't have. It was so embarrassing.

So, the only thing I do like about Vegas is the shopping. You can find some one-of-a-kind things there in all of the specialty shops. I did stop at the Jose Eber salon and had my eyebrows waxed and it was the best job I've ever seen. They were perfect. I'm certain I won't be able to duplicate that at home though. And I did stop Vosges Haut Chocolat and picked up many truffles. Oh, they were muy delicioso for sure. I loved loved loved the chocolate with paprika. OMG. So tasty. So expensive!

But if you're not into smoking, drinking, gambling or strippers....which I'm not....Vegas is not the place for you...or me. There, I said it totally SUCK ASS.


Cliff said...

Did u took videos of your coworker dancing :D...

thanks for the comment. Yes one task at a time. Such a new concept in today's age of doing everthing at once, multitasking society.

bunnygirl said...

I've never been to Vegas and have never thought it sounded remotely like a good time. Not even when I was a twentysomething party chick.

My uber-brainy uncle says that everyone should go to Vegas at least once just to see how OTT a place can be. While I concede his point, I still don't care if I never go there.

Thanks for being one of the seeming handful of folks out there who shares my sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your next trip could be better. There are two no smoking initiatives on the Nevada ballot in November. One would ban smoking everywhere but the casino floors. The other would still seriously restrict smoking, but continue to allow smoking in bars. The Marriott hotel chain enforces a smoking ban, so maybe that would be a good choice for your stay.

As a Las Vegas resident, I seldom visit the strip unless I am going to a show. Did you get a chance to see any shows? I would highly recommend KA. It is an experience from the moment you enter the theatre (and there is no smoking allowed in the theatre).

We have some wonderful hiking and horseback trails at the Valley of Fire and Red Rock. If you happen to visit in the winter, it is a 45-minute drive to the Mount Charleston ski area. You can hike at Mount Charleston in the summer.

I would spend the money for a helicopter ride over the strip or the Grand Canyon (depending on how much you want to spend) before I put any in a one armed bandit.

My point is, if you do not like smoking, drinking or gambling… get off the strip, there are many other activities in the Las Vegas area. You just have to look for them.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Not a fan of that side of Las Vegas myself.

Last time I was there (years ago) we lost all our cash, just about emptied our (then pitiful colledge student) bank accounts, and had no money for gas on the way back.

It was an epic trip! :)

it's only fuel said...

Cliff - There was a news report on how our society might be moving a lot faster but not being any more productive. So, even though we're taking on more with multi-tasking, we're not really getting any more done. And we're making more mistakes. That's when I decided to just slow down and take things at a normal pace. It's worked out tremendously:) I find that my "to-do" pile at work actually gets "to-done" by the end of the day when I don't touch a new project before finishing the one I'm already working on.

Bunny - I agree with your Uncle, one time is good for the experience because you see these huge architectural feats and how each casino fight to out-build each other. But it's just excessive. And now that I'm 30, I realize that life isn't about how much more you should have, it's about how much more you should give back to those less fortunate than you. The state of our world is dire because we consume too much. Vegas makes it seem like that's okay, and it's not.

Anon - Thanks for the comments, I'm sure as a resident you are keen to the better things Vegas has to offer. However, I can do all of those things you mentioned in my own state. I don't need Vegas for any of that. However, that's really good news about the non-smoking initiatives. People will always break the rules and smoke in non-smoking hotel rooms.

I have become allergic to cigarette smoke and each time I'm around it, it triggers a migraine headache. So, even walking through the casinos and having the smoke attach itself to my clothing and penetrating the pores in my hair sends me to squeezy-head/ice pick-through-eyeballs land. I don't think smokers realize exactly how much damage they do to themselves and others.

But thank you for pointing out other sides of Vegas, I'm sure they are wonderful and a lot of fun.

Kewl - Naughty naughty boy! How did you make it home?!

Deb said...

I agree COMPLETELY! Just got back from a trip with the girls (only went to keep the peace) but have no desire to ever go again unless I have to...

britdavecollis said...

MY stupid girlfriend from Franklin PA and her relatives (30 of them) are going there AGAIN for what I do not know. When I mentioned going to London,Paris ,Rome ,etc, I was mocked ! Ha ha talk about stupid pot bellied mid westerners ! I don't think they know any better ? Well it just goes to show you,stupid is as stupid does ! LOL Brit Dave...

Anonymous said...

".Life is hard for non-smokers in Vegas. It's one damn second-hand smoke/cancer nightmare after another."

1. Pay the flippin taxes we do for the product that we do- you cheap non smokers aren't willing to pay.

2. You're gonna get cancer from a cell phone, laptop, or other portable device from its low radition levels. Science has already proven this in some areas.

Cali sucks... stereotyping midwest folks is the same as us calling you all hollywood fake tit broads with zero personality.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas sucks - was there for one day and couldn't wait to leave-seedy, tacky, completely and utterly boring....not somewhere to be if you have any depth about you whatsoever - you will not fit in!!