Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Update 8/26-27

Saturday I woke up and made Les a proper English breakfast. proper as I can handle anyway...I just can't bring myself to buying/preparing black pudding (blood sausage) so I made him chicken sausage instead. Alongside was baked beans, tomato slices, toast and bacon. My breakfast was quite different because I am the healthy one in the relationship.

I ran six miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. My preparation for these half marathons coming up has been less than existent. If I want to even finish these races, I need to run at least three times a week, I'm lucky if it's even one. Too much time at the gym. I need to run. So I did:) And I broke Huggy in the process. She's getting too old to run with me any distance over three miles. Poor girl has very sore paws today.

We went to the last pool party of the summer at Shawn's house (no pics this was dropped on the floor for the last time of it's doesn't want to work anymore) Was nice to see the usual suspects, the music was excellent as doesn't hurt that I'm totally doing the DJ, so I get to listen to the good music all the time:D The water was refreshing although I only like to soak and tan in the pool anymore, I think I'm done with actual swimming until next tri season.

Sunday, we went for a hike at Coyote Lake Trail with our friends Melanie and Steve. I think our trek took us just under ten miles. It was a great workout:) Afterwards we had In 'N Out Burger:D Melanie & Steve just moved here from Utah and are the active type, so we've got lots of things to show them. They also snowboard, so we're definitely going to take many Tahoe trips together.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Poor Neglected Cracklins:(

Okay, it's been months. Guess I just lost interest for a while. But I realize that this blog kept me kind of sane by giving me a place in the world to force my thoughts out of my head. So, here goes.

Things I've done since last post (in most recent order...because the memory ain't what it used to be):
1) Tour d'Organics 100K bike tour with Sheri. Beautiful ride, even better being with my buddy but the promise of local organic fare left a lot to be desired....there's only so much freakin' fruit you can eat during a ride...give me bread and meat please! I know it was a vegan event....I was in way over my head!

2) Les and I went to the new rock climbing gym with Larry and Sheri. They belayed us and it was so much fun, I'm fairly certain we are hooked and will do it every other week or so.

3) Training for TWO half marathons in October - The inaugural Rock 'n Roll San Jose half marathon and the Silicon Valley half mary on my company's team.

4) BBQ at the Carter's . Had some friends over, ate yummy food, opened the bottle of Absinthe we brought back from the UK in January. It sure smells pretty, but lights your throat/esophogus/belly on FIRE when you drink it.

5) Joined Bally Fitness Center and got myself a personal trainer to boot my ass into shape. I think muscle memory has gotten the best of me, so Lawrence is completely kick-starting the metabolism:) It's hard work but also a lot of fun because he's become a good friend too.

6) Pool party at our friend Shawn's house. Managed to work up the confidence to put a bikini on....and realized after seeing the photos that I really shouldn't have done that! Hence the reason for personal trainer.

7) Every Thursday is FHT again. This was a house music gig that Les started up four years ago, but it fizzled out. Now we're at SoFA Lounge in downtown San Jose and it's a perfect happy hour gig.

8) I got an "A" in the business class I took in college:) Will do more classes this fall. Shit! That's NOW! Guess I should register, eh?

This is where the memory fades...