Sunday, March 06, 2005

I actually kinda followed a recipe!

Tonight I made tequila lime chicken, corn casserole, and an endive salad with balsamic honey dressing. I think it's just Les getting over his illness, but he liked it a lot. The casserole called for a lot of butter and half & half, but I just can't justify the fat or calories, so I omitted the butter and used fat free h&h. The chicken did not turn out like I wanted it to, but it was still good. Thank goodness for the grill pan, I love that thing!


Sheri said...

Fat free half and half????

it's only fuel said...

yes fat free half and half you snobby little beaaatch! I won't spend my calories on full fat dairy products:P I'd much rather have an extra helping of something else, than waste it on butter or half and half:P