Friday, June 02, 2006

Did you know I love kebabs?

Oh yes, I can eat kebabs every single day and not get sick of them. Veggie kebabs are my absolute favorite, but you have to throw some meat on the grill too.

I soak the skewers in water for a few minutes so they don't burn up on the grill before the food has a chance to cook on them. After alternating zucchini, onion, mushrooms and red peppers, I rub them with olive oil and shake some veggie seasoning on them. I found this spice mix that is heavy on the lemon pepper and it makes the kebabs taste really bright.

I marinated the chicken in my very own marinade for a couple of hours. The citrus in the marinade tenderizes the meat and makes it super succulent and tasty-fied. I used chicken breasts for this, but dark meat would be okay too.

I put them on a hot-ish-but-not-too-hot-grill and let the fire to it's magic. Yum.


Ivonne said...

May I please have a kebab as well???

They look delicious!

Sara said...

yum! your marinade sounds wonderful.

Nige said...

i love kebabs too, if you mix them with rice, salad and grill them then they are actually not that bad for u !!

i make them myself from pork, beef and chicken and veg

i brought back a marinade from thailand (lime lemongrass, chilli, green curry paste) which smells wonderful when cooking and my mouth waters at the thought of them

im gonna make some tonight !!