Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The North Coast Road Trip

We spent our labor day weekend in the Mendocino area and although California's coastline can't be beat....the area left a bit to be desired. It was a very long road trip, four+ hours! Half of it was up 101 which is basically flat and straight, but the last half was treacherous Hwy 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and made both of us carsick. Poor Huggy was a trooper, stretched out on the backseat trying not to hurl herself. She fared much better than we did.

But once we got there, we set up camp in the dark and got snuggled into our comfy tent with its comfy mattress and even comfier sleeping bags. In the morning, I woke up and started breakfast on our Thane Q BBQ. I have to tell you that I love this grill, it got really bad reviews and has been discontinued, but I love love love it. Not sure why it got such a bad rep because it's always been good to us. So, I made some eggs, onions and potatoes and it was truly yummy. We had some hot chocolate and coffee and got on about our day.

We stayed at the Manchester Beach KOA. Clean and well-run...the only thing I have to say is that kids should not be allowed within 300 feet of me at all times. I really don't care for them at all. That being said, they put us in the tent site right next to the freakin' playground!! We couldn't change this because the grounds were all booked up. So, I had to endure screaming and obnoxious children for three days straight.

Each day, we drove to a new place. The first day, we drove to Mendocino and then stopped at Jughandle State Reserve. At Jughandle there was this freaky guy that ran to our car asking to use our cell phone because he has a "situation" and his "client" had an accident in the porta potty. This guy was truly weird and we weren't sure what to do, so we told him our cell phone was dead. When he went back to the porta potty, he had thrown some clothes on the ground and there was crying coming from inside. So, we called 911 and they sent out the sheriff. We don't know exactly what happened, all we know is that it left us with an uneasy feeling.

The next day we found out that dogs are not allowed in any of the state park trails....all the places we wanted to go. So, we ended up driving and driving and driving as far north as we could stand. We ended up past Westport and pulled over to have lunch in the redwoods. Gorgeous trees they are, embedded in a forest of ferns and clover. Huggy found a creek and got all mucky - Huggy loves to be mucky. The drive back took us through Mendocino again so we stopped to see what all the fuss is about with this town. It's like any other quaint coastal town with specialty shops. We got some fudge, divinity and a carmel apple and took off.

All in all, it was nice to get away from laptops and cell phones for a few days, but I doubt we'll go back. I beat Les at his own card game (best out of 11 games, to be fair) and that was nice because I never beat him at anything. Note to reader....never ever ever play Monopoly with my husband....he has a freakish way of having no money and all property mortgaged and the next thing you know, he has ALL the money and you have nothing. You'll end up selling yourself to him to pay off your debts. It's a sad sad thing to end up a Monopoly whore.

Our digi cam is out of service, so we had to take pics the old fashioned way...it was so foreign to take 35mm photos. They have to be developed and all that bullocks, so I'll post them whenever I get around to it. It's amazing how much you don't realize you're totally into instant gratification until things start to become anti-instant!

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Deb said...

Oh my gosh girlie...what a weekend! Right next to the playground?! I feel for you. That's when you turn to your man and make sure he brought the bottle of vino! Our coastline is beautiful, but soo many people trying to enjoy it...or just hang out in it...or live in it. You really do have to be careful. Glad you got away and spent some time with your man!