Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Irony....with a capital "I"

For our anniversary dinner, Les had the notion that we should make it together rather than go out. I was floored by that idea though because Les never wants to make any dinner! So I jumped on the chance to have him in the kitchen with me. It also made perfect sense since we're saving our pennies to buy a house next year.

So, we decided to make lasagna from scratch...the noodles, sauce and all...from scratch! Neither of us had ever made noodles but Les pulled it off, they were perfect. It was dubbed "love lasagna", buy the way;) And for dessert we made chocolate mousse. Rich, dark, meltin-your-mouth mousse.

The irony, you ask? Because we're watching "The Biggest Loser" whilst eating it. That, my irony. Especially since I never got a workout in today!


Susan Oseen said...

That's too funny...hope you had a good annivesary and enjoyed the lasagna.

Biggest Loser...can you believe how good those people looked!

Deb said...

Sounds like a wonderful night! LOL! I caught the final show...yeah Eric!
Those are the aniversaries you'll remember the most. wishing you many wonderful years to come!

CT said...

More important question is if u taught Les how to make Lasagna? :)