Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day

Some days, on my way to work, I stop by a quaint little place called Lowry's Irish Coffee House in downtown San Jose. I always have a latte and a veggie bagel and reveled in the fact that it's a little-known gem. Lately, though, quality of food has gone down and I notice new owners. As if the obvious changes weren't enough, these new owners are not paying attention to even the littlest details. They speak very broken English and are not very friendly. So, when I walked in on Friday morning, they posted their St. Pat's menu and it looked like this:

Happy San Patrick Day. This weekend we serve:

Corn beef hash and eggs
Corn beef and cabbage
Irish stew with bread

I mean come on people! What the hell is corn beef and who is San Patrick? Let's put some effort into your attempts at business and at least try to make it look like you care about those of us that are rooting for cafes to stand on their own in a Starbucks world. It was disheartening.

What it did, though, is remind me that I needed to go to the store and pick up a beef brisket and veggies. This was the first time I made it but Les said it's the best cabbage he's ever had:) My gravy was lumpy - no surprise there - but it was still good.


bunnygirl said...

Well, that sucks about the coffee house. It's not like it's hard to get the Irish stuff right, since it's all over the place and infinitely googleable as well.

How nice of you to make a special St Pat's meal, though! My stepmom used to do that, and it brings back fond memories.

Deb said...

Yours looks great!! I'm am Irish and a little tidbit....the whole corned beef thing is something we dreamed up in the states (for St Paddy's Day anyway). Am I complaining???NO WAY! Let's eat!