Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bourbon Ribs, nice baby...nice!

Paul was over for dinner tonight and I didn't know he was coming...some kind of married-people mis-communication between Les and I. He says he put it in an email somewhere and I don't recall those usually wouldn't have been a problem except that I only had one slab of baby backs. Not enough for two grown men and ME!

I also had a really hard time switching gears to prepare my brain for company. You know....that weird woman voice in your head that says, "your house is filty, gotta vaccuum, don't forget to clean the bathroom, light the candles, close all the bedroom doors, and whatever you do...DON'T cut yourself with your new Santoku knife!!" I don't know why we have to care about these certainy don't.

I had to pull out a london broil that I wasn't ready to cook yet and I kinda burnt the ribs on the grill, but for the most part, it was all just fine. I watched this new show on Food Network...some Liebernman dude....had a really easy looking rib and sauce recipe so I gave it a try and it was NICE:) Bourbon is key in this sauce and it was a really good touch. I'll defintely do it again, only pay closer attention to them on the grill instead of messing around cleaning the house! Asian coleslaw, roasted sweet potato wedges, and grilled creole asparagus on the side. Paul and Les were both happy with it from what I could gather by the cleaned plates.

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Sheri said...

That new guy just did an interview on The Splendid table (on American Public Radio). He sounded interesting. He left a recipe on the web site here.

And I think you can listen to the interview from