Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday AM Spin Class

My friend Melinda is a spin instructor and I she invited me to take her class on Saturday. I asked her what time and she said, "8:15"! WTF? Soooooo early on a Saturday. But I did it anyway...reluctantly...hit the snooze on the alarm only one time:) I was so glad I went because it she is a fantastic instructor. Really great music - friends will all the house DJs we know...of course it would be great music!

After the workout we went to Le Boulanger for bagel and egg sammies. Totally hit the spot because that class drained all the food out of my muscles.

Spin - 1hr (moderate intensity, average HR 165)

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Deb said... are to funny! Not a morning person? ;)
I love the early morning workout...but I crash by 10. Teh eatin' afterwards sounds good to!