Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Boot Camp

Since I'm designing Lawrence's website, we have an agreement that he trains me once a week. We needed more pictures for his site so we got a group of people together to do the boot camp class. I LOVE this class. Even though I was mostly picture-taking, I still did a modified version of the exercises. It's so much damn fun. It was a hard workout, but so worth it. Lots of drills, sprints, plyometrics and groundwork. I wish I knew more active people that cared about these types of things so they would go with me. All of my friends and husbands friends are lazy bastards. I need new friends! Just kidding, I love my friends. Here is our group photo at the end of our super-sweaty day:)

1.5 hrs boot camp (average HR - 160)


Deb said...

Hey girlie....were you in this pic? I know what you mean about 'active' sure makes it easier, doesn't it?
Good job!

it's only fuel said...

Yeah, I'm the one on the end in the red cap:)

When people find out that I do triathlon, they always say they wish they could do that. So, when I them that anyone can do this and to come workout with me to see how easy it is....they always back off. Afraid of themselves they are. I guess a workout loner is what I'll always be:(