Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spin Class Atrocities

OMG. Tonight was attrocious. A spinning debauchle, if you will. There was a sub for the normal instructor tonight and he was aweful. Here's the laundry list:

1) No ALL...none
2) Straight into a high-energy track and made us do 5 seconds in the saddle 5 seconds out...for the entire length of the song.
3) Every subsequent track skipped through the ENTIRE song...and he never attempted to fix it.
5) Just lots of up in and out of the saddle. No sprints, no endurance, no alternating techniques....just up and down out of the saddle!
6) His cleats kept getting stuck in his pedals and he'd disrupt the class while he sorted himself out.
7) No real instruction, just some whispering into his headset and we'd have to follow his lead.
8) There's more but I'll stop here.

I'm not exaggerating about how bad it was....the class started with 10 people....and it ended with 4. I never quit a workout unless I'm at my vomit zone, but I came really close to walking out. I felt sorry for the guy though, so I sucked it up and finished the workout.

Spin - 60 mins
Upper body and abs - 30 mins


Debstar said...

I once went to a spin class where the cd player didn't work so no music at all. The instructor was good though and kept us going to whole time but it just didn't have the same intensity.

Another time we had an instructor who usually only does yoga. She was nearly dead after 10mins and the only music she played was Hot Chocolate from the 80's. I just put on my walkman and did my own thing in the end.

Deb said...

You are one strong woman. I have such little tolerance when it comes to poor instructors...I've left classes. Now I wear my IPod just in case so I can plug in and do my own thing. I also schedule my weight training on the days my least favorite teachers are there. You're doin' it though! That'a girl!!