Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Broiled some pre-marinated Santa Maria Tri-Tip and made my very first risotto. I knew going into it that risotto is a labor of love that has attention deficit disorder. I thought I was up for the task, but after I was done....I vowed not to do it again. It turned out okay, just took forever. Rather than use the Olive Oil and Butter, I "lightened" it up by using chicken broth and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter light!! Hehehehe...I know that makes you just cringe, doesn't it?! Maybe that's why it took longer too soak up the juices. I dunno, maybe I'm just lame and can't make risotto:P

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Sheri said...

Your risotto looks lovely, even if it does have asparagus and mushrooms in it. My two most hated foods.

I don't mind making it, I just don't do it that often because I'm allergic to rice so I can only eat it in small quantities.

I can believe it's not butter. Yuk. You are insane. :)