Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lamb Chops!

Les loves lamb, so when I was shopping yesterday, I picked up some chops because they are sooooooo cute in the package! I force myself not to think about what they are because I think it's attrocious what they do these baby animals (I can't eat veal either). Living in a 3x3 pen is not my idea of happiness....even if my purpose in life is to be eaten.

But anyway, I made a really nice rub (all willy-nilly in the bowl) and it turned out to be a delicious flavor if I do say so myself. Threw these babies in the grill pan and seared both sides for five minutes and they were yummy.

I served the chops with creamy parmesean polenta and braised kale with shallots. No magazine or recipes either:P I done gud.

Equal parts - Chipotle Chili Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Ground Cardamom, Kosher Salt and the secret ingredient: Brown Sugar (double this amount).


barb said...

looks and sounds yummy! about veal, i had tried it by accident for the first time when i went to a swanky restaurant w/ the bf's mom, sis, and cousin in vegas. we had this 8 course meal that everyone had to parcitpate in or no one could... and they also served foie gras and veal. needless to say i was starving afterward cuz i can't eat foie gras because it's so inhumane on how its made. i didn't realize i was eating it at first cuz it wasn't listed in the menu, but then i had to rush out of there real fast after i realized that's what it was. with the veal... yah i couldn't eat it either.

Sheri said...

I have a difficult time eating lamb. Plus I don't really like it that much.