Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rare Salmon Occasion

Sheri and Amy have posted so much salmon lately that I felt I was a little behind the curve. I totally cheated and bought salmon stuffed with rice and herbs from Safeway. The first time that Les ever cooked for me he made this with some stuffed mushrooms and mini-quiches. Theme - he likes stuffed things!

Anyway, it's the only way I like salmon because the stuffing is buttery and yummy and you can't even tell it's salmon.

I sauteed carrots in olive oil and honey and wilted a bit of spinach. But the best thing, I think, was the parmesean garlic bread (Sheri's garlic spread worked perfectly for me this time). Thankfully I only made two slices...otherwise we would have eaten a LOT more of that buttery garlicky goodness.

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Sheri said...

I used to hate salmon too. I don't know, it's just grown on me. But like you, I'm particular about how it's prepared.