Monday, May 23, 2005

24 ends and marsala begins

We had Keith over for dinner tonight and to watch the season finale of 24. Just don't fcuk with Jack Bauer...mmmmmmkay? Yes, he got Marwan and the missile was destroyed before it could kill any LA folks...damn....we could always use less of anything that is LA.

Sheri gave me the recipe for chicken marsala and I am so incredibly proud of myself for how good it turned out. Keith and Les could probably eat dirt and be grateful for being fed, so neither of them are a good gauge of how yummy something is. I thought this was yummy:) I used shallots and mushrooms in the marsala reduction. I swear, I'm getting really good at this. Roasted fingerlings and broccoli accompanied the chicken nicely.

My mom bought me some lemon infused olive oil that I've been using a lot lately. It just gives everything a nice kick in the butt. That and kosher salt are my favorite things at the moment.

I was going to make a berry crisp like Sheri made us on Saturday, but the store had no blueberries! Can you believe that? So we had raspberry shortcakes instead.


Sheri said...

Yum! Umm... except for the mushrooms. Did you actually use cream??

You can do a crisp with any sort of fruit, but I like blueberries and cherries best.

it's only fuel said...

I so used cream and thought to myself that what I was doing was wrong and so against everything I stand for:P But I did it anyway and am a better person for it:D

Sheri said...

Good girl! It's only a couple of tablespoons, for several servings. And it makes the sauce so yummy. Mmmm.