Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I picked up something new at PW Market the other day. It was less like chorizo and more like crumbled and seasoned minced soy meat. It was tasty, I just wasn't able to do what I wanted with it which was to slice it lengthwise and eat it on it's own. As it turned out, I had to mix it into pasta and veggies. Nothing specatular.

My lack of motivation to train is bothering me a little bit. I have been doing pilates as much as I can, but I just don't get the same feeling from it as if I was riding my bike for 40 miles or swimming in the open water. I really have to get my ass up in the morning and just do it. Anyone know how to force yourself to become a morning person?

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Sheri said...

I've become more of a morning person as I've gotten older, but I would never classify myself as a morning person.

Are you overtraining? By the way, I haven't felt like doing anything at all this week.