Thursday, March 30, 2006

Au Gratin Potatoes

Okay, during my long bout of PMS last week I was craving comfort food. This was the first thing that came to mind. Who doesn't love creamy and cheesy potatoes? I'm not sure if you can be trusted if you don't like creamy and cheesy potatoes!

This was my very first time ever making au gratin. I had always been terrified of it for some reason, but that was all for naught. This was simple. I used half a stick of butter, 2 cups of sharp white cheddar, 1 cup of muenster and 1 cup of heavy cream!!! That was as bad as I've ever allowed myself to be when cooking. I am not sure if I can bring myself to making that again. Unless of course, the PMS makes me do it:D


Flatman said...

Just stop it...your blog always makes me soooo hungey!!! :)

it's only fuel said...

Sorry Flatman, I couldn't resist putting this picture up. I was much too proud of my creation! Make me hungry looking at it too but I'm fighting the urge to lick my monitor:D

Sheri said...

I like my potatoes less adulterated. But I can be trusted.

Good for you for giving in and cooking without abandon! It's okay to do that every once in a while. :)

Ivonne said...

Now that is a sight for sore eyes!

Great gratin!

Sara said...

That does look VERY good. I've never had muenster before, is that a blue cheese?