Sunday, February 18, 2007

what the Carter's did for Valentine's Day

Hubby and I decided to make dinner together tonight as we did for our anniversary. This means much more to us than going out because it's special and more personal. Anyone can sign a check at the end of a meal, but when you cook together you're sharing time and effort with each other. That is much more special in my mind.

We made chicken roulades, sauteed spinach and potatoes fondantes. These are old standbys that are so easy but always turn out satisfying. We stuffed the chicken with prosciutto and fontina and parmesean cheeses. Fontina is one of those versatile cheeses that you can use for most anything. I especially like it on a grilled cheese with ham. Yum. The potatoes turned out nice and crispy on the outside. I love that.

For desert, I found a recipe in the latest Martha Stewart magazine. I don't remember the name because I promptly threw it out in disgust after I was done with it. We were to make chocolate pâte à choux cookies with cream filling. They were supposed to be similar to a cream puff, but not really. Although it was fun attempting this dessert, it did not turn out as it should have. While following the "stir vigorously" prompt of the recipe, I added the eggs too early and the curdled. We stayed the course and finished the job. They were edible, but not fantastic like they should have been. It was fun, though, to see Les piping pâte à choux onto the cookie sheet though!


Cliff said...

...and i am eating my blended spinach, pasta and chicken.. :(

That looks really good.

Deb said...

Wow! I'm hungry (and jealous!).