Saturday, February 17, 2007

workouts and work

Welp, this week was a total loss when it comes to workouts. I did a time trial on the trainer for 1/2 hr on Monday night to establish my LT on the bike...but it hardly counts as a realy workout. That was it. I had other workouts planned but real work just about blew me right over the edge and I almost had a nervous breakdown because of it.

Because I am in sales, I have a sales goal to meet. Because of this sales goal, I have a hard time saying no to clients when they ask me to visit them. Because of this out-of-office-visit-with-clients-to-keep-the-relationship-going time, my other work backed up. Because of this work back-up, my brain feels like it wants to blow out of my head. I like things to be closed and tidy and that was just not happening for me.

We have a new boss and she is changing a lot of things. Making us maintain more spreadsheets and focus on littler details. I'm sure in the long run, this will be good because data is power when used properly. But for someone with barely any spare time, it's a nightmare to meet the deadlines of what she's asking for with these piddly, little, stupid-ass worksheets!

A long-time client has put a bid out for other bank business and gave me a seriously unrealistic deadline as well. They gave me this request for proposal (RFP)on Tuesday and is due next Tuesday! For crying out lout people! Give me a break, throw me a damn bone, let me catch my breath! So, I finished the RFP on Friday at 7pm and turned it over to my coworker so he can present the report to the client.

While on my way to a client call on Tuesday, I got in an accident. I was making a left turn into a nose-in parking spot and some guy hit me from behind because he was following too closely and not paying attention to my blinker. I was all shaken up but still went to my client meeting.

I was out of the office three of the five days last week on client calls, so you can imagine what kind of bottleneck that created in my workload. We have no assistants to turn the "little stuff" over to. I'm in charge of all of it and it's the reason I almost needed a one of those stylish/modern straight/white jackets with the silver buckles;)

Now it's the weekend and I swear all I want to do is sleep. I'm going to try very hard to make that happen.

Serenity Now!

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