Sunday, August 14, 2005

Farmer's Market Fare

Hubby and me spent the whole day together and it started at a new place for breakfast called Goodie's in Campbell. It really was good food, but the table next to us was a bunch of butch lesbos talking about politics and their fellow acupuncturists not being supportive of one another.....I do not like knowing this much about the people I sit next to at restaurants.

We went to the Farmer's Market on Santana Row and the main order of business for me were to find heirloom tomatoes. Mission accomplished and also brought home some really amazing Olive Oil. As if that weren't enough, we came out with some honey and Chimichurry sauce...a tasty Argentinian marinade that goes with, in, and over just about anything.

Dinner was shrimps on skewers (I have to say shrimps because it makes me smile when I see it like that on Asian menus), whole wheat pasta tossed with chimmichurry sauce, carmelized onions, and heirloom tomatoes with s&p and olive oil drizzled over. Of course we had corn on the cob, which is obligatory for summer, but it really wasn't picture-worthy on such a nice looking plate:)


Sheri said...

Is that broccoli? Yech! :)

I love tomatoes. I eat gobs and gobs of them during the summer. Especially tomato sandwiches.

Amy said...

Sound familiar? "Whaaa? You don't like broccoli? And it's SO good for you!"


Sheri said...

Ppphhhh. :)