Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Eggs...the necessary evil

I want to talk about eggs. I only like eggs marginally. They don't really excite me at all. But I find myself making them quite often. Not sure how it happens, but they find their way into my skillet more often than I'd like. Hubby likes the eggs and I like to make him breakfast in bed on the weekends. Here are two weekends worth of breakfastses. In order to lighten them up though, I am not above using egg subsitute and I've also been known to rid the plate of all yolks.

This was actually a nice tasting wrap that I used some leftover pork tenderloin to complete it. Whole wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs and sour cream all wrapped up nice and tight. I love oranges for breakfast....love them:)

Egg substitute scrambled with minced onions and dried chile flakes. Tucked into a whole wheat pita pocket and topped with some yummy bacon.

Stella and Buddy are also on the guest list for breakfast in bed and they get their own little plate. I am such a good/weird mommy:)

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