Thursday, January 12, 2006

Marz was in our house

We had dinner tonight with Marz...poor thing wasn't feeling well...thought about not letting his germs in...but after all, it is Marz:)

Ever since I read Amy's post on how to make a salmon steak look pretty, I just had to do it myself. The end result looked the same but the process was not as clean as hers was! I found that my husband had hijacked my kitchen twine for some half-done project around the house. I had salmon slime all over my hands. It was fun and gross:)

Salmon steaks seared in the grill pan and finished off in the oven. I made a reduction of orange juice, dijon mustard, honey and dill to drizzle atop the salmon. YUM! Hubby said it tasted like marmalade - he didn't even know it was an OJ base either...he's so smart! Roast potatoes and garlic as well as a creamed sweet corn and sage veggie served alongside a salad. This is what Marz and Hubby ate...I had a huge salad with a can of tuna on top!

Dessert was a healthed-up cake mix using applesauce and egg whites instead of oil and whole eggs. I had a container of espresso buttercream frosting that I made from a previous time, so that saved me some effort. I just let it de"frost" and spread it over the cooled cake. I've never made a cake like that before. I liked the guilt it took away, but it wasn't moist and delicious like it should have been.


Mica said...

You are a great cook! You can make me dinner anytime. :)

Wylee said...

You are making me hungry!

tarheeltri said...

Hey! I love the food pics! Salmon is my favorite!