Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekend Cat and Dog Blogging:)

You know....I must take about a billion pictures of my furry's very hard to decide which ones to use. I want to inundate you with fluffy cuteness, but I will resist the urge. It could get out of hand.

Here we have Buddy and Stella venturing outside. It's a rare occasion that this happens. And when they do, they only stay out for a few minutes. They are total fraid-y cats. Any sudden noise from a neighbor dog or squak of a bird and they run in the house as fast as possible. They rolled in the grass, scratched on the trees and came back inside when a squirrel jumped the fence:D

And because this photo is just too cute to pass up, I have to share with you this one last photo of Stella inside my Sports Basement bag:)

There is a story behind this photo of Huggy and the giant bone. Huggy hates baths...absolutely H-A-T-E-S them. If she is ever in trouble for toppling the trash...the first thing she does is run to the bathtub because it's the worst punishment she could ever imagine. Nothing traumatizing has ever happened with her in the bath, I think she's just a big baby. Anyway. The other day I took her to Petco (where the pets go!) for a self-service bath. Apparently their hot water heaters were broken so she had to suffer through a freezing cold bath. She was a trooper. I know the only thing getting her through it was the thought of the reward at the end. It's tradition that whenever Huggy gets a bath, she is allowed to pick out *one* bone from the bone aisle. She sniffs all of them and then licks the one she decides she wants. Then we buy it and she eats it. Well today, since she had to endure so much horribleness that was frigid water, she picked out every single bone she could...she picked 10 bones! Including the giant beef-basted bone. She managed to lick off all the basting - got it all over her clean paws and face as well as the carpet. She finished it in one day!

Those of you that would like to join in the kitty blogging fun, visit Clare at Eatstuff and provide your permalink to her in the WCB comments. If you'd rather post your doggie pics, head on over to Sweetnicks and do that too!


boo_licious said...

I'm scared of the outdoors too. The moment I hear any strange noise, I will run like a speeding bullet inside the house. Mum calls me the Rug as I look like a big fur ragpile running.

Lots of love

Boo the cat

Kat said...

Stella has a beautiful face and markings!

WebSorceress said...

Oh, I love your flurry children. I visited your gallery and looked at all I could find of them. Buddy and Stella are both gorgeous kitty-kats! And Huggy Dog too!

Samantha wants to tell Huggy baths aren't bad but she can't stand to be brushed. Anything but the brush. We have to be creative and sneak in brushing.

Wylee said...

Awww look at those fluffy cat butts! Funny, their butts don't look scared at all. ;)

And doggy, haha, yep those basted bones sure can mess up a carpet can't they? When my dog used to eat big rawhides like that his tummy got upset, I hope that didn't happen at your house or you will have another mess to clean up. :) However, a cold water bath definitely deserves a treat or two!