Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tahoe Trip

We took the Tahoe on its inaugural trip to the snow. This is the road that we chose to drive was like being in Narnia...seriously! It was fun in the beginning when this photo was taken...but 5000 foot elevation later the soft powder ate us alive. We bought the Tahoe specifically so it didn't need chains for our snowboarding trips. Apparently not folks...not when you decide to drive down a road that is not maintained in the winter. That's right non maintained in the winter! What this really means is the locals use this road as their playground and wait for stupid city folks to get themselves stuck in the snow. This is what they live for...thankfully they do live for this because we would have been stuck for hours.

So, after the mountain men yanked us out of the snow, we headed back the way we came to get to the normal road - the one that the snow plows drive on - to South Lake Tahoe for a night of gambling and a *bit* of drinking:) Early to rise the in the morning for a long day of snowboarding with our friends. This is only my third time snowboarding and I'm severely addicted to it. Can't get enough of it, want it all the time! We've got our next trip planned for next weekend:D Here are some pics of the trip:)


Wylee said...

Heh heh I see you got the chains on afterall. :) Looks like a very fun trip!

Cliff said...

Snowboarding is so much fun. We have no white stuff up here. It is too warm.