Saturday, January 14, 2006

TOO Much Information Meme - Tagged

Amy - one of the insprirations for The Poor Cracklins has deemed it necesary for all of you to know more about me. I'll give you ten more things that weren't already part of this post - Weird KT.

1) I have zero tolerance for bad customer service. Which means that I am often disappointed while shopping or eating out. Today is a fine example. Hubby and I went to Hobee's (our usual weekend breakfast place) and ordered a tuna sandwich with NO mayo. What I got was an avocado, cheese and tomato sandwich WITH mayo. I sent it back and the second thing I got was a tuna sandwich with EXTRA mayo.'s not that difficult to make a little sandwich and keep something off of it. I didn't attempt a third time, I just finished my side of black bean chili and cup of coffee and went about my day.

2) I don't like to waste time. I zone out when people try to make small talk with me. I'm all about getting down to business.

3) I LOVE Kraft Macaroni 'n cheese in the blue box! I hear you gasping, but I can't help's true comfort food for me. I takes me back to when I lived in Georgia and my dad was in the Air Force. He was often gone on TDY (Temporary Duty) to far away places like Guam and Diego Garcia. My mom lived in California at the same time and I mostly lived on Mac 'n Cheese and Steak-Ums (r)!

4) I am extremely happy that I met my husband, Les. He is truly the best man on this planet and I'm so proud of the life we live together. Happy all the time, that's what I wish for everyone to have for themselves:)

5) I have a secret desire to have a podium spot at least once in my triathlon adventures. The very first 5K I ever did, I got first place...but I think there was only one other person in my category! I want to beat people!

6) I am very handy around the house and with the vehicles. I like to fix things. I have installed our new kitchen faucet as well as a garbage disposal once. I know how to change the oil in the cars, but prefer not to get icky like that anymore so always rely on Jiffy Lube to take care of it from now on:)

7) I am very selfish. Hence the reason I'll never have children...they are a bit too needy for me. My clock has never ticked, I hit the snooze a LONG time ago...I've always felt this way and happy with my decision not to breed. It's a sucky world to grow up in now anyway.

8) I always have the best intentions when I go to bed at night. I plan out my entire next day - including the getting up early part.....but it never goes to plan. I always end up sleeping in and taking all day to motivate....but I do get my things done, just in a rush!

9) I was closer to my dad growing up, but now I'm closer to my mom. She has been the stable rock in my life through the hardest times in my young adult life. I love her now more than ever. Dad moved to Indiana after I graduated high school and kinda forgot about me. Yes...I have told him what I think about that. I love him too, but it's just not the same anymore.

10) I am estranged from my half brother and half sister because they are two of the biggest fuckwads alive in this world. My brother has been working really hard to change his life around for his family...props. But my sister is still the same manipulating bitch she always has been and I feel sorry for her kids that she never should have had. Yes....I've told them both what I think about this....thus the reason we're estranged:D

There ya go, hey, it was titled "TOO much information"! I'm tagging all that truly want to carry out this meme. I know who you are, I can see you on my stat counter...go on, post!


bunnygirl said...

I'm not a big mac 'n cheese person, but my DH is. My comfort food is a grilled cheese sandwich. The diner kind, slightly greasy and made with American cheese. Tater tots on the side.

Email me when you get a chance, wouldja? I have a question. uhamp at yahoo dot com.

it's only fuel said...

Check your email sista:)