Thursday, February 10, 2005

Broken Pork Cycle

Went swimming today, first time in two weeks. Wasn't a stellar performance. I had the endurance, but really need to learn to breathe right in the water. I get headaches and can't figure out if it's because I don't breathe often enough, or if it's my swim cap.

Tonight I had even less time to cook anything. I opened up a *gasp* can of beef stew and some grilled cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread. Comfort food at it's best and it made me smile on the inside.

Les and I went to our weekly Xi Gong class after dinner and my life force is back where it should be:D


Sheri said...

When does your masters workout start?

I don't like canned beef stew, but I love Trader Joe's canned Lentil Soup. It's super healthy too.

it's only fuel said...

I wonder if I'll ever actually make it to's very early in the morning and I don't like leaving my snuggly hubby in bed.

Sheri said...

Early morning workouts suck. There, I said it.