Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Week in Pork

The husband finally got out and ran with me tonight and it was great. We did three miles and I was very proud of him. We'll get to do the Big Sur Half Marathon in November after all:-)

Tonight I made cheese tortellini with portobello alfredo sauce. The dish was surprisingly low in fat but full of flavor. I added some sweet corn and more mushrooms to the sauce....and...leftover pork tenderloin:D I served it with the signature spinach salad, this time with hearts of palm and seasoned rice vinegar. Les really liked the pasta, I love quick and easy meals.


Sheri said...

Bleah, portobello. I hate mushrooms. But I love quick and easy meals too.

Amy said...

oooh, Big Sur! LOVED IT! Love mushrooms, too. Don't know what's wrong with that other commenter :)