Wednesday, February 16, 2005

mmmm...chicken...does not taste like pork

Tonight, I sat myself on the trainer as I watched Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Awesome-awesome-awesome flick to ride your bike to. Whenever he's getting chased (which is a LOT), you pretend like you're being chased and it's excellent cardio! Okay, maybe it's just me, but I really love my trainer. It's make my outside riding much more efficient.

I made a tikka masala tonight with chunks of chicken and a side of Lipton Sweet 'n Sour noodles. I had none of this, but as usual, Les cleaned his plate. Sometimes I think I can cook dirt and he'd still eat it because I made it...he's such a good boy:)

I had a Morningstar "chicken" patty on two slices of wheat bread and some string cheese for dinner. I'm so simple, I could eat like that all the time. I have even been known to eat asparagus right from the can!! Sure that sounds bad, but it's not's quite tasty. But this comes from someone who also eats tuna fish and grape jelly sandwiches....believe it or not:P

I wasn't going to tell you about this...but I will anyway....I devoured a piece of that evil chocolate V-day cake (thanks a bunch Amy, that cake rocks!) before I got on the trainer....I don't feel guilty about at all because I'm pretty sure I worked it off!

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Sheri said...

Asparagus... from the CAN? :)

You were an awesome rider before the trainer.