Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Liking the gym...yes you heard it right

Now I am not telling you that I love it, but I am liking it. I've gotten into my gym groove and nothing can stop me...not even that evil mirror in the cardio room that forces me to look at myself bouncing up and down in all my blobluous glory. Goddam I have gained some pounds since starting triathlon. I thought it was supposed to work the other way around.

Before I got into triathlon I was a gym rat. Five days a week religiously for two hours a day. I felt good, but I wanted more of a challenge. So I heard of triathlon and saw a few hard triathlete bodies and decided to be one. Well, I think that I read too many books that told me to make sure I eat enough to cover my training. And I got into the mentality that I could eat whatever I want because I was working it off. Obviously I was wrong and could have used a LOT less calories.

So, now that I still have a couple more weeks of off-season before I start my base training, I'm going to use this as my chance to get my caloric intake and pacing under control. More veggies and less simple carbs like pasta and rice.

Tonight I stuck some saba under the broiler and sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and bean sprouts for dinner. It was perfect and I don't feel guilty for eating any of it.

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Iron Benny said...

Sounds like you have things figured out. When I first started triathlon, I did the exact oppositte. I wanted to lose as much weight as possible, so I ate light and trained hard. Wow, that ended up getting me sick about every two weeks. Since then, I have eaten more appropriately and have felt alot better. My weight loss has definately slowed down though. I think I'm just approaching my ideal weight. Take care Cracklin!