Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey Soup

Ever since I saw this post from Sheri, I've been craving turkey soup. I'm not even a turkey soup kind of gal, but it just looked incredibly yummy and I knew I had to have some.

Good thing it's turkey season because leftover turkey was not hard to come by since my mom made a 21 pound bird this year!

I like my soup a little bit thicker than what you'd really consider soup. I like it more like stew. So I added some star shaped pasta noodles and the starch from them thickened my broth up quite nicely. Yum.


Sheri said...

Mine had matchstick-sized pieces of ginger in it. I really liked the turkey with Ginger.

I tend to prefer soups rather than stews.

it's only fuel said...

I absolutely love ginger. I should have addded more to my soupstew, but got too into my microplane:)