Saturday, November 05, 2005

What Leader Are You?

Stumbled across this over at Life is Nuts!. I thought compelled to take it because a) I'm stalling.... I just woke up to a very warm house and can't get motivated for my 30 mile bike ride in the cold...good thing I bought those arm and leg warmers the other day, and b) I am geeky like that...I love tests! Really I do. I'm a freak.

So, the first time I tried it, I chose to answer only 18 of the 45 questions and I found out that I was Saddam Houssein!

That just wouldn't do, so I took the test again. Instead this time I answered all of the 45 questions and came out with Abe Lincoln. Now that's more like it:) Apparently the more questions you answer the more accurate your test results will be because they have more information to gauge from. Works for me!

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