Thursday, November 10, 2005

First half mary is almost here!

My first half marathon is coming up on Saturday. I'm doing the Crissy Field run in San Francisco. I am excited, nervous, nauseated, hungry, thirsty and everything else that comes with pre-race jitters.

I had all of my races planned for 2005 since June of 2004! I have basically been training all damn year for my tri season and when that ended in September with a DNF at Pac Grove, I kinda lost a little steam. I started thinking that I would just cut my losses and get back to the normal life of an early off-season. But then that made me feel like a big fat loser for not finishing what I started. And once something is written my race schedule is, I laid a guilt trip on myself and kept on working.

I got derailed when that nail visciously attacked my foot and caused me to have stiches and a tetanus shot. So for 10 days I had no workouts...I could barely hobble around and get myself to work. Well, that's all over with and I've been doing some running, but mostly I'm enjoying my taper. I have two run workouts scheduled for the rest of the week and then it's go-time.

My mom and niece will be there to cheer me on. I think my husband has gotten pretty bored of the whole "waiting around for hours for me to finish racing" thing. He's still supportive of my daily training, but likes to sleep in now and let me do my races on my own. It was bound to happen sooner or later. It is nice to get a hug from him at the finish line, but I understand. I get completely bored at his DJ gigs sitting there for hours - not drinking - and being up way too late waiting for him to finish. So, it's okay that we each do our own thing, just as long as we get to tell each other all about it afterwards:)

My goal for this race is only to finish. It's my first half and I have absolutely nothing to gauge against in regards to a finishing time. I have been contemplating not even wearing my watch so it won't ruin it for me when I realize how long I've been running. However, the data geek in me will need to know what my splits are so that's probably not an option.

I need to just chill. This is not going to defeat me. I'm going to do an awesome job on a beautiful course and that's all I have to say about that;)


boo_licious said...

Good luck with the race. Hope you will have time to join us for a special WCB this weekend for Clare and Kiri. Click on Farmgirl's link and my site for further details:

Mica said...

How exciting! Good luck on your half-marathon!! Enjoy every mintue and I'm looking forward to the race report.