Sunday, November 27, 2005

Picchetti Vineyards

Les and I belong to their wine club and our wine offerings were ready for us to pick up. We drove up Montebella road and the only thing I could think of while driving up the constant climb is how much fun it would be to make Sheri ride it with me on our bikes:D Methinks I'll lead a Velo Girls Sunny South Bay Ride here one day. Hahahaha...I'm evil >:-)

Picchetti didn't have any new wines on the tasting menu and nothing was really impressing me. I just stuck with the Mission Angelica (nice yummy sweet white wine with brandy undertones) because the reds just had too much mouth smacking tannins in them. I remembered that Ridge is right up the road and they have a Zinfandel that Sheri served us that I really liked. But we got there right at 4pm and they were closing. Bastards! I wanted to tast a super delish fruity zinfandel today. I guess I'll just have to wait...I hate waiting. Argh and dammit all to hell! That is all.


Sheri said...

I'm busy that day.

it's only fuel said...

Haha very funny:P I guess I'm just going to have to surprise you that day:D

Iron Benny said...

Funny comment on my blog. The massage therapist was just poking around looking for lumps I guess. Just when I thought I had a flat and wide ass, she comes around and tells me that I lumps all over my ass. I don't know, I just let her rub it.