Friday, November 10, 2006

The cold makes me happy

I love it when the season changes into a true Fall around here. The crisp and cool weather, the sound of the wind in the trees blowing the leaves everywhere, the position of the midday sun that's just off to the side rather than straight above. Everything. I love everything about Fall.

I was so good to get out and run the other day with some sprinkles falling on my face. I even like to ride my bike in the rain. But there's just one small problem....the challenge of this time of year is that it gets dark around 5pm. Therefore the motivation factor to work out is slim. I need some tips on how to just get it done. Tell me how to break through the desire to snuggle up with a comfy blanket and a big 'ol cup of hot Ovaltine. Please, tell me this.

Here's a photo from a Halloween party Les and I went to last weekend. It's the sexiest thing I've worn in public...I had thigh-high stockings on! Go me and my 30 year old self:)


Deb said...

30? sister, you are one good lookin gal! I tried the paprika recipe and it was INSANE! Thanks!
I like running/training in the coll weather as well, but run in the eves with a partner which helps get me there. I believe safety comes first, so if that means going to the gym, that's better than alone & in the dark. Bummer...but it's one of those 'Just do it" situations.

it's only fuel said...

yeah, that recipe is definitely a keeper. I think I'm going to make the hubby some meatloaf this week, and Tyler Florence has a really awesome recipe here:,,FOOD_9936_33621,00.html?rsrc=search