Thursday, November 23, 2006

Monday Spin Class

My friend Melinda is a spin instructor and I've been talking to her about how I might get certified to teach spinning...or at least just be a fill-in for other instructors that can't make their class. According to her, it's so easy it's a joke. She sent me this link and it explains that you have to attend an nine hour orientation filled with instruction on spinning and two spin classes. Sounds like fun so I think I'm going to do it the next time they have one in San Jose.

Since I've been in the spin mood lately, I checked out the class at Bally's. It was not as brutal as I remember previous spin classes to be. I think this is directly related to the fact that I am more in shape now than I ever have been.

After spin class, I hit the weights for a little bit of upper body work. Nothing exciting.

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