Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cheap Date Night

While at Larry's birthday party last week, he mentioned that he was going to take Sheri to Grapevine Wine Shop in San Jose for their cheap date night. The last time they went Sheri told me how much she liked it so we've been wanting to try it. We finally had a free Wednesday and spent the evening with Larry, Sheri, Janet and her beau. It was a lot of fun, the grilled cheese sammies were all do die for except the brie and cranberry and the wine was tasty. We left with two bottles of Pinot Noir and are grateful for the company of good friends. We are blessed with a really excellent life:)


Deb said...

OMG! Brie and cranberry grilled cheese? Sounds incredible!!!! Good friends, wine, DO havea wonderful life! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sara said...

The brie and cranberry wasn't good? How can that be????

it's only fuel said...

Hi Deb and Sara -

I normally do like brie and I am okay with cranberries. But this particular sandwich came off tasting of brussels sprouts somehow and I can't tolerate that!