Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh man, it's only Tuesday and I'm already tired of sleeping all day being on vacation. Okay, so I'm not sleeping ALL day, but I am in bed all day. I'm swapping channels between Food Network, Discovery Channel and TLC so I can catch "What Not to Wear". I didn't get out of bed until 3pm and I took a shower. Then I went to the store for some household items and off to the gym.

Today's workout - Tuesdays are my favorite!
Urban Assault with Lawrence and Jojo. We run through downtown San Jose to Guadalupe Trail and run up and down the stairs five times. Then we run to Adobe and use their outside playground for circuit training - pushups in the alphabet wall, squats and jump lunges on all the chairs, and wall kicks on the number wall. Then we use Adobe's shipping ramp for five hill repeats and then run back to the gym. It takes us about 1/2 hr to do all of it and it's so much fun! My heart beats so fast and hard that I think I'm going to die, but afterwards it's such a great feeling not to be dying of boredom in a workout.
Then at the gym -
2x 45lb dead lifts
2x 45lb squat with row
2x 45lb squat with overhead throw
15 inverted pull-ups
3 mins of plank (2x30seconds front and both sides)
10 mins stretching

Excellent workout, I think tomorrow I'm going to take Huggy to LG Creek Trail tomorrow for the par course. I'm so addicted to endorphins. I'm a total junkie.

Today I ate well during the day and then an hour before my workout I had a personal size cheese pizza:( And I made mediterranean turkey burgers for dinner tonight (thank you Rachael Ray). They were super delicious and like all things RR makes, were very easy to put together. think I ate too much though because my belly is sticking out a lot.

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Deb said...

What great time off. Funny about the T.V....those are my 3 favorite channels! I LOVE Sat. mornings (when I get a chance) to watch America's Test Kitchen on PBS. Check it out if you already haven't! Great job on the training. Enjoy your time!