Saturday, July 30, 2005

Simple Turkey Sandwich

I did a two hour bike ride today and was thinking about how high I would pile this sammy the entire time:) I went to Spina Farms (parked the car there and it was the start of my ride today) and bought some fresh tomatoes and corn after the ride. The lady that owns it has gotten to know me since that's where I buy my water and use the bathroom after I'm done riding:)

The picture doesn't do it justice. They were nice and juicy from the tomatoes, pickles, and peppercinis. Yum.


Sheri said...

Why haven't you taken me for a ride there?? :)

it's only fuel said...

We have gone's on the corner of Bailey and Santa Teresa:) I did part of the Tierra Bella course through Morgan Hill and back over Bailey and there was a really bad motorcycle accident. Guy was barely alive and his bike was completely thrashed. It doesn't surprise me at all though, you can get some wicked speed coming down that side of the hill.