Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Best Birthday Surprise

Last night, Les told me that he was taking me out for dinner on my different than any other birthday, right? Wrong! Sneaky hubby gathered about 20 of our closest friends and family to surprise me on the anniversary of my 30th year on this planet. In a previous life, I came from another planet...but that's a different story to be saved for a time when I can make something up that sounds really clever;)

We went to Gordon Biersch and I walked up and saw all of my favorite people there with big smiles on their faces because they pulled one over on the old K-to-the-T! This is a case of turn about is fair play for the surprise parties I threw for the hubby the last two years in a row.

So we ate dinner and drank and were merry and all that. Then I got PRESENTS! Goddam I love pressies. I love the entire process...the shaking of the package, the tearing off of ribbons and bows, the unwrapping sounds of crinkling paper...and most of all the wonder and amazement of the item itself. It's something that is all mine..nobody elses...MINE! It turns me into a two year old, I swear. See....cheesy smile and the excited hand-clap of getting pressies!

After dinner, we hit Blue Monkey bar for another drink and that's where I snapped this photo of Marz "Elvis Monkey" Faram, Les "Smiles Nice" Carter and Joe "I usually have my eyes shut in photos but not this time" DiFalco:D

Also got this one of me and my Mommy

And to end the night off right, we walked over to the Hookah Lounge and chilled with some passionfruit and apple-mint tobacco smoked out of the hookahs. I am not a smoker, but have become hopelessly smitten with the hookah and the yummy (not wholesome or healthy, mind you...) goodness of tobacco filtered through water...yes..I know what you're thinking...but this is different from the typical bong you may - or may not have if you're Pres Clinton - smoked when you were a stoned twenty-something living in San Diego:P You need not be a smoker to appreciate the hookah. And my last gift of the night was from Marz when he bought me my very own hookah! It's white and came with a silver carrying case and he also sprung for some mango flavored tobacco and a box of charcoal. Thanks rock! Here is a pic of us with the hookah:)

The hubby did real good about bringing the friends together and I love them all very much...awwww...:) It felt so special and it definitely softened the blow about that whole turning 30 issue....even though I wasn't all that stressed out about it in the first place. My friend Misha said, "welcome to the dirty thirties"...I'm not sure what that means...but I'm excited to find out!

Pics of the night can be viewed here on Marz's SmugMug and here on KT's SmugMug

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