Friday, December 09, 2005

Cumin Cheese Covered Chicken

Sunday at the Santana Row Farmer's Market Les and I sampled some cheese from the Oakdale Cheese Company. We liked the Cumin Gouda the best so I had two plans for it. The first was to smother chicken breasts with it and carmelized onions....and the second to be revealed in a couple of days.

I made Oma's red cabbage recipe except this time added some chili pepper flakes...whooooooooo sweet and spicy! I roasted the broccoli because it's just my favorite way to eat it. I had a huge salad for lunch and am still full from it, so I only munched on a couple of broccoli florets. Les got the full plate because I'm a good wifey and I take very well care of him:D

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