Tuesday, February 07, 2006

baguette & bleu

One of my very favorite things is bread with oil and vinegar. All kinds of vinegar. Today I had a hankering for red wine vinegar. I sliced up some baguette and drizzled some of my yummy Olivas de Oro Seville olive oil and vinegar on top. Sprinkled some salt for good measure:) and then put some very nice bleu cheese on it. THEN as if that weren't enough, I served these with some pork tenderloin that I had made a little while beforehand. You can't see that though, it wasn't ready yet:D


Flatman said...

You are making me hungry!

it's only fuel said...

Sorry Flatman...just a hazard you're going to have to overcome when you're visting Chez Poor Cracklins!