Monday, February 13, 2006

Big Big...BIG Ride

Oh. My. God. Sheri chose our bike ride route today. She's been banned from making those decisions until it's been deemed (by me) that she can handle the responsibility!

There was climbing that started from mile ONE man! I'm not kidding...I'm being totally serious. Then there was more climbing for the next ten freaking miles! If you're thinking to yourself right now "oh, Katie...don't you think you're exagerating a little bit?". Well - I'm not, here's our elevation map from Sheri's GPS.

Whilst we were riding along minding our own business, this very rude reflective sign post popped up out of nowhere and viciously attacked Sheri. It tried to murder Sheri, if you will. Do you think I'm exagerating again? Think again ------->

This was her very first fall....ever....and she did get an injury out of it. We didn't think she'd have anything to show for it because her arm warmer was in tact...but underneath looked like this <------

After all of that crazy climbing was done with, we did our usual messing about. A few breaks for snacks and a little chit-chat. The ride itself was actually gorgeous. There were lots of cows and horses and a bunch of switchbacks coming down the Sunol grade that was quite pleasant. We started in Milpitas and rode all the way out Calaveras Road into Sunol. We had lunch at the only deli/cafe in town and gabbed about everything we always gab about. We talk a LOT. Check that - Sheri talks a lot - I only listen and nod my head in's a great partnership:D After we fed our bellies, we headed out towards Fremont on Niles Canyon Road....which seemed to be going downhill for 6ish miles...but the massive headwinds actually slowed us down and made us work quite a bit. DAMN that was hard work!

Here we are at the end of the ride, all tuckered out and hungry. When Sheri got home she slept for five hours and ate an entire pizza upon waking up. When I got home, I curled up with a heating pad because I got some monstrous cramps and slept for a few hours. When I woke up I wanted an entire pizza...but our house lacks pizza...I had to settle for butternut squash soup with crouons and melted Istara cheese:)

Total mileage - 42ish (GPS didn't capture the entire ride)
Total elevation gain - over 3000 feet
Total ride time - 5+ hours!

If you're a data whore like Sheri is here's a link to Motion Based GPS will even have you believe that we went 144.5 mph at some point during the ride! I told you my bike was fast:D


Iron Benny said...

Dam girlfriend, that initial climb sounds brutal. Look brutal on the graph too. Way to go resisting the pizza. Our house too lacks pizza. Only because I know I'd eat it if it were here. If it's not here, I won't eat it. No time to run out get something. Have to eat what's in the fridge. Anyway, nice job on the ride. You rock.

Flatman said...

Sweet ride and that is a monster grade...that GPS profile scares me!

it's only fuel said...

Benny - I think that's the key to not giving in...just don't have it around to tempt you. It's the only thing that works for me.

Flatman - Yes...I'm still a little scarred emotionally from that ride:D

Sheri said...

But didn't we feel awesome after we climbed that monster grade? And my intention was good, stupid Bikemaster was a lying sack of crap website! :)

Next ride, I will be silent.

Wylee said...

That's insanity! Of the best kind. I'm totally jealous, you didn't invite me... of course I would need to bring a couple paramedics to revive me after my heart blew up.

it's only fuel said...

We did feel very awesome! And don't give me your idle you could actually ever be silent! Pffft and Hmmmrrph. I like it when you talk, it distracts me from the pain of the climbs you force us to ride on:D

Cliff said...

I was wondering how can u ride whne it is so cold outside...then i realize u live in Cali :)

it's only fuel said...

Wylee - if you lived somewhat near me, you'd definitely be welcome to ride with us:)

Cliff - totally spoiled with the CA sunshine...I do not take this for granted either:D

Nytro said...

i have a friend like that... chooses hills as a challenge. i've stopped letting her pick the routes. the only thing that makes a hill even tolerable is being able to go back down.

it's only fuel said...

I completely agree Nytro, downhills are in fact the best part of any hill! Bbut the thing is, I'm usually the one picking the hilly routes and forcing Sheri to suffer through it. It was just not expected that she would turn the tables on me!