Monday, February 20, 2006

Kick Ass!!

Oh - my - God. I thought my ass was going to start growing into the couch with as much laziness has been going on this three day weekend! PMS totally sucks but today I kicked it to the curb:D

My boycott to winter continues....the sun was out so I wore my short bike shorts and a t-shirt on my ride....even though it was around 60 degrees and colder with the wind I was cutting through. I don't care, if the sun is out I'm a very very very happy girl:)

I decided to ride the course that I'm racing next Sunday. I totally tore-it-up! I started at the beginning of Foothill Expressway, a road with very wide bike lanes and a rolling terrain. I turned onto Page Mill Road for a couple of climbs and then hit the Arastradero Loop with more climbing. I continued the loop onto Alpine Road where I put it in a big gear, got in aero and booked it all the way to Junipero Serra where I continued said booking:D I felt sooooooooo good. There is something to be said about tapering...although my laziness was not really considered a's just what I'm calling it:P

I got a little song in my head (I make up songs for everything) that went something like this:
Every day the sun is out is a good day to get on the bike, get on the bike, get on the bike...YYEEAAHHH YYEEEAHHH YEEEAAAHH!
Repeat about 200 times:)

Total mileage - 23
Total ride time - 1:27
Average Speed - 16.3 mph

I give the thumbs up to today's ride and my faithful GB
After I got home, I ditched the bike helmet and grabbed the dogger and ran for 30 minutes. Was my first brick of the year and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e:)


Sheri said...

See how much faster you go when you ride without me?

I was snuggled up in bed for my afternoon nap while you were riding. Talk about laaaaazzzyyy!

it's only fuel said...

I was just on fire...this only happens once in a while...I should have saved it for the race!

Snuggles sound really good:)

Wylee said...

You have to cut a demo of that song, I think Top 10 is in your future!

Way to go on the ride! Good job kicking PMS to the curb! Hopefully that b1tch won't be back around for another 28 days or so. ;)

Cliff said...

GOOD ride :)...

Mica said...

Way to go. Love the song!

Ivonne said...

You rock!

Flatman said...