Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gnocchi with red wine sausage and fagioli

I've been reading some really impressive cooking blogs lately - Beyond Salmon and Lucullian delights and was inspired to Italian-up Friday nights' dinner.

I went to A.G. Ferrari in Palo Alto. A place where Sheri and I have eaten lunch together in the past after her ITB massage therapy. I loaded up my basket with some potato gnocchi, red wine sausage, borlotti (cranberry) beans and tomato and basil sauce.

This came together very quickly. Very effortlessly...boil the gnocchi, sautee the sausage and heat up the beans. Toss it all together in a Italian type pasta bowl to be authentic and MANGIA!

Thanks to Amy and her suggestion of the book "Everyday Cooking with Wine" by Andrea Immer, I have been educating myself on what types of wine to have with meals and I chose, Barbera d'alba, a medium bodied red and it was perfect!


Sheri said...

Gnocchi, mmm. There's a brand that I get at Draeger's that has whole wheat gnocchi.

it's only fuel said...

Get out! I will have to check it out this week.

Amy said...

I love gnocchi too. And I'm glad you like the Andrea Immer book. She's awesome.