Sunday, February 19, 2006


Oh man...sometimes you just have to be bad. And then the hubby asks for snacky things for dinner and you realize you need to be *really* bad! wasn't that bad, these nachos are certainly better than any you'll find at any authentic mexican restaurant. Don't they look yummy?

*Round corn chips
*Vegetarian refried beans
*Lean ground turkey - all spiced up with cumin, chile powder, salt and hot sauce
*White cheddar
*Jalapeno/Queso dip - the worst part of it...but if I'm going to do nachos...I'm going to have creamy cheese on them:P
*Reduced fat sour cream
*Fresh salsa


Kewl Nitrox said...

Sigh, I just had dinner, but now I am hungry all over again...

Any plans to move closer to Singapore? :)

Cliff said...

Reduce fat sour cream? *L* :)..i didn't know they ahve this kind of thing..

hmm nachos.....did u have a beer with that?

Wylee said...

my stomach is complaining loudly now, but like I always say "a picture is worth zero calories" :)

it's only fuel said...

Kewl - not that I know of...but it's not possible....just highly improbable:D

Cliff - yes, I'm not big on reduced fat anything, but sour cream is one of those things I'll settle for in a reduced state because you can't tell the difference. And no beer! I did have two cupcake though....

Wylee - that is the best thing I've heard in a while!

Ivonne said...

That's the kind of "bad" that's so good!!!