Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Dog Blogging #22

Huggy loves trips. Anytime you're going out the door, she wants to go. Typical for a dog, I guess, but the look of unbridled excitement she gets when she actually can tag along is priceless.

We planned a trip to Tahoe and would drop Huggy off in Placerville (Grandma's house) along the way so we could do our snowboarding....for some reason, they don't allow dogs on the slopes...go figure!

Huggy was in the car waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before everything else was packed in. She was there for an hour before we were ready to leave! And after all that waiting, she's still as excited, look at that face, she's my angel:)

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Monkey said...


Huggy's one happy lookin' critter!


it's only fuel said...

She is a happy critter! I stopped by your site and like the way you write. Very funny:)