Friday, February 10, 2006

It feels good to stay on target

This week totally tore me apart, but in a very good way. I started back at college and am taking two classes while working full time AND training for this season. This was the first week that I was completely on track and it felt wonderful. The more I have on my plate, the better my life is. I have to be busy...I'm German...which means I'm a workhorse. If I'm not doing something, I feel like a lazy cow...and that's not good!

**Monday - Master's Swim 1 hr AM. This is quite a feat for me. I am n-o-t a morning person, mornings and me = not friends. However, for the sake of the fat layer that needs to remove itself from my body, I managed to get there on time at 7:30...AM!

**Tuesday - day off, worked from home - I love being able to work from home. I get so much house stuff done while answering emails as well as consulting with clients. I can do laundry while on a conference call! It's cool:)

**Wednesday - Master's swim 1 hr AM - I am really loving these workouts. I'm able to take the swimming efficiency I learned with Total Immersion and pairing it with the Master's organized workouts to really pull off a great workout with purpose.
Ran 40 minutes PM with Huggy around the neighborhood.. Running is getting a lot better since I'm being faithful with gym workouts.

**Thursday - Afternoon run, 1 hr at Los Gatos Creek Trail with Huggy. I love this trail, there's just something about the trees and the water that make me happy while running. Hit the gym for an hour with Sheri after work. Was a nice workout, I lead the arms and legs, she leads abs and stretching. 'Tis a good partnership:)

**Friday - Gym 1 hr after having a crazy work day. I started getting a little PMSy and felt a major attitude problem coming on. So I immediatley squashed it by working out the demons with an amazing workout with weights. Lots of squats and lunges too. Demons, consider yourselves exercised! >:-}

Fridays are freakishly busy for me at work. It makes no sense...I'm a banker...that means that people shouldn't have anything for me to do on Fridays because they should be getting ready for the weekend. Why must the wait until the last possible moment on Friday afternoon to make me put out their fires? Lame I tell ya.

Tomorrow I have a bike ride planned with Sheri so we can get back on track with our HLS (if you can guess what that is, you get major points and possibly even a gift mailed to you) since she's been out of my life for the past month. We have a LOT of HLS to make up for:D

Sunday I am going to go for a hike with Huggy. I took her to Lexington Reservoir last weekend and it was full of long climbs and was a great workout. I'll probably chose a different trail though, just so I can learn new places in this beautiful Bay Area I live in.


Kewl Nitrox said...

Wow, great week. Good that you are enjoying those Masters Swim sessions, maybe you will become a morning person afterall. :)

And thanks for the great post for Benny, very good practical advice. I am gonna start pounding my meat thin before cooking them - too often my boys complain that the meat is too tough.

Sheri said...

Two excellent workouts together!

I took a FIVE hour nap after today's ride. That's right, five hours!

Then I woke up and ate a whole pizza. :)

Wylee said...

HLS=Helluva Lotta Shit?

I got tired just reading about all those workouts you put in last week. You're a machine!

Sheri said...

Hint for HLS: bring your mind down, more into the gutter. :)

it's only fuel said...

Gutter for sure!