Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kitty Spoons for WCB#28

Stella and Butterscotch love each other very much. Stella, the slasher kitten, must always be touching Butterscotch in some way or another. If Stella is in her kitty condo and Buddy is on the platform below, she has to stick her little paw out as far as she can and touch his head. If he's sitting in the middle of the living room, she has to run up to him and stick her butt right in his face and then sit on him. This is what usually ends up happening doesn't matter where Buddy is sleeping, she must sprawl out on him like she is below with her long back leg. It's just too cute!

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1 comment:

Clare Eats said...

I wish kiri had another kitty to curl up too ;)